What's this all about then?

It all started when I wanted a creative outlet for some of the ideas in my head ...

... at least that sounds better than a creative outlet for the voices in my head, doesn't it?


Deco Daisy Green square card by Propellerprints.com

Propellerprints is the offshoot of my other life, propellermedia.com. This is about creating tangible things to soothe my soul and while away hours playing with colour, shape, pattern and ideas. It's not rocket science but oh boy is it fun.

I also sell my stuff at the occasional market here in Dublin. I'm part of a wonderful collective of fellow crafters, the Crafty Ireland team. Go have a peek.

If you'd like to get in touch, email me. I also take requests, custom orders and will take design commissions for cash. Or cheque. No, really!

Thanks for stopping by. And the card on the left there is for sale. Go on, splash out. It will make you smile.